Keith Nuttall is a guitarist, computer musician and producer. He has composed, gigged, produced and recorded rock, post-punk, experimental and electronic music.

Keith in 2019

Living in the Eighties

He was in several long-forgotten North West bands in the eighties: Cloudburst (later Albino Dinnerjacket) and Back to the Grind in his home town of Blackburn with Darwen in Lancashire, and Paddy’s Wigwam and First Night with the Indians in Liverpool.

Although he enjoyed playing in bands, he was also fascinated by the writing and recording process, and experimenting with sound, using tape recorders, electronic kits, and even household objects.

Live at Darwen AFC
Keith, back in 1982

In the late eighties, Keith moved to Yorkshire, and took a long break from music. For a while, he felt nostalgic about making music, but eventually resigned himself to being a listener, rather than a performer.


Keith always wanted lots of musical instruments and a multitrack studio. In 2001, he realised that he could have a virtual studio with sampled instruments in his computer, and Yammer was born. Over 2 years, he recorded an album, only once picking up a guitar — a rewarding (but painfully slow) process.

Further frustrated by a lack of willing participants to form a band, over the next 3 years, Keith eventually sold most of the gear. Remembering the instant feedback from playing a real instrument, he decided that his next musical foray would involve his old guitar. But, that would take another 12 years.

Going Back to My Roots

Meanwhile, Keith moved back across the Pennines to South Manchester. He heard about a group being set up in Stockport, for more mature musicians. For its first year, he played guitar and directed Stockport Music in Sheds at its weekly sessions, until the pandemic stopped indoor group activities.

After a year of renewed interest in playing guitar, and at a loose end from the pandemic’s social restrictions, Keith started writing and recording music again. He remotely collaborated with David Tomlinson (as Dead Indians), and with Andy Bell (as Lowly Man). In 12 months, he produced 3 EPs and an album.

Sand Dunes and Salty Air

Long-term life plans were expedited by the pandemic, and Keith relocated to Purbeck in coastal Dorset. He has since joined a new local band, and is working on original material for an album and gigs. Keith has not played live since 1985, when he was with First Night with the Indians.