Live at Darwen AFC
Keith, back in 1982

Keith Nuttall is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. He directs and plays guitar with Music in Sheds. Previously, he has written, produced and recorded rock, post-punk, experimental and electronic music — most recently as Yammer.

He was in several long-forgotten bands in the eighties: Cloudburst (later Albino Dinnerjacket) and Back to the Grind in his home town of Blackburn with Darwen in Lancashire, and Paddy’s Wigwam and First Night with the Indians in Liverpool.

Although he enjoyed playing in bands, he was also fascinated by the writing and recording process, and the manipulation of sound using tape recorders, electronic kits, and even household objects.

The home-made Noisewarp Mk.I

At the end of the eighties, he moved to Yorkshire for work, and took a long break from music. For many years, he felt nostalgic about what might have been, but eventually resigned himself to being a listener, rather than a performer.

Going Digital

Synthesisers and guitars are good fun, and you can do a lot with them, but he often wished he could have every musical instrument in his own studio. He read a magazine which said that, with current technology, he could reproduce the sounds of any instrument with authenticity. Not only that, but many instruments could be recorded together, and the whole thing could be engineered using a variety of production effects. This was enough to get him back into the saddle.

Over a 3-year period, he gradually constructed Long Division, only once picking up a guitar. But, frustrated by slow progress, writer’s block, and a lack of willing participants to form a live band, Keith eventually put most of the gear on eBay.

Thinking of the instant feedback from playing real instruments, he decided that his next musical foray would involve his old guitar. But, little did he know, that would take at least another 12 years.

Going Back to My Roots

Keith in 2019
Keith, about now

In the intervening years, Keith moved back across the Pennines to Manchester — the musical tour hub of the North of England, and the home city of many great bands.

He now directs Stockport Music in Sheds at its weekly sessions in Heaton Moor, and plays guitar. He is toying with the idea of writing and recording music, and forming another band in 2020. It’s about time.