Albino Dinnerjacket (1983)

At a house party, fresh from final school exams, Keith and Craig (Cloudburst sound man and stand-in drummer) decided to form a covers-only band, as something to do in the summer of 1983. Albino Dinnerjacket was put together, recruiting former Cloudburst colleagues Steve and Gordon, and local keyboardist Pat.

Albino Dinnerjacket
Keith’s logo doodle

For no good reason, they gave themselves ridiculous stage names, and adopted an anthropomorphic rabbit as the band logo. They performed just two live shows that summer.

Live, 1983

Keith and Gordon continued to compose and record original material during this period, and produced another demo compilation, It’s My Ambition to Pull the Plug Out at a Heavy Metal Show.

A year later, Keith, Craig and Gordon would form Back to the Grind with Psychopython bassist Michael Brandon.


  • Hovis Malone (Keith Nuttall) – guitar
  • Krakow Wartbanger (Craig Jepson) – drums
  • Yahoosavelt Rannersberg (Gordon Farquhar) – voice
  • Tea-leaf Baconheap (Stephen Farrell) – bass
  • Tri-con Zimbley (Patrick Fielding) – keyboard
  • John Parker – lights & visual effects

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