‘Crimson Creatures’ [EP]

May 2022 saw the release of Crimson Creatures‘ debut EP, imaginatively titled Crimson Creatures. It was almost 6 months after I was invited to join the band. It is available on the Crimson Creatures Bandcamp page, as well as all the usual audio streaming services.

Crimson Creatures EP
The Crimson Creatures EP.

No, it hadn’t taken 6 months to write 3 songs! We had finished 12 songs, most of which had been started before I joined the band. Once I’d helped arrange, record and mix the tracks, we had an hour of material to draw from. So we chose 3 songs which spanned the repertoire:

  • Alone, a downtempo Prog ballad about lonely artists.
  • Shaken, an angry angst-ridden story of rejection.
  • Triptych, a confused psychedelic journey into oblivion, in 3 parts.

The idea was to provide a hint of things to come, as the other 9 songs are lined up and ready to go in the summer, as the Crimson Creatures debut album, which will be called In the Green Wood. Out in July!

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