Back to the Grind (1984)

While working a holiday job in the summer of 1984, Keith, and Michael (of Blackburn band Psychopython) formed Back to the Grind with Gordon and Craig (of Cloudburst / Albino Dinnerjacket).

Gordon is a moron

They played other people’s songs for a few weeks, for fun. And, realising they had enough ideas of their own, they convened in Keith’s home studio to write and record songs.

The result was the album Light from a Distant Beacon, an odd mixture of tracks ranging from Ambient to Dance, via hippy punk lounge-lizard.

They were so pleased with their album that copies were sent to radio stations, with the apocalyptic Nice Day for a Picnic being played on Red Rose Radio. “Pigs will fly, whatever they say.”


  • Michael Brandon – bass, keyboard and voice
  • Keith Nuttall – guitars, synthesiser and voice
  • Gordon Farquhar – voice, keyboard and harmonica
  • Craig Jepson – drums and enthusiasm