Paddy’s Wigwam (1984)

The real Paddy’s wigwam

When Keith moved to Liverpool in 1983, he acquired a synthesiser and experimented with sequencing. He decided to start a band, and advertised for musicians*. He formed Paddy’s Wigwam with bassist Bryn, and friend Charlotte.

Keith, Bryn and Charlotte composed and recorded a number of songs under the working title The Rabbit and the Dog, which continues to gather dust, along with all Keith’s other demo tapes from the eighties.

Some of the tracks had potential, but there wasn’t enough interest to keep the band together. Plans to perform were never made, and the band fizzled out a few months later. Keith later co-founded Back to the Grind, and went on to join First Night with the Indians.


  • Keith Nuttall – guitar and synthesiser
  • Bryn Frankland – bass and guitar
  • Charlotte Hodgson – voice and violin


* The first person to audition was a young man called Nitin, who surprised Keith with virtuosity in both keyboards and guitar. But, they had no common musical interest, so he wasn’t recruited.
Later that year, Keith, Nitin, and friends John and Bruce, shared a brief stint as The Temple City Moose Club — a joke band, playing the wrong instruments enthusiastically — booked to support The Lotus Eaters (and cancelled when their plan was discovered).