Music in Sheds

Music in Sheds is a group of amateur musicians based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. They get together on Wednesday evenings at St. Paul’s in Heaton Moor, at 7pm for two hours.
Currently, the group is on hiatus, due to COVID-19.

Music in Sheds was established to encourage isolated musicians in and around Stockport to get out of the house (or shed) and play together as a group. This can feel like a real achievement, and creates a buzz, which you don’t get from playing alone.

The group has been meeting in the vestry at St. Paul’s, Heaton Moor, since January 2019. In that time, they have learned around 50 songs — occasionally going off on jamming tangents. Sometimes, they play songs all the way through, without mistakes. Sometimes, they sound amazing. There’s normally anything from 4 to 8 people at each session, men and women.

There’s no expertise requirement, but musicians should at least be able to turn up at 7pm, play in tune, and keep in time with others. None of the group is particularly good or bad, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. They all make mistakes every week.

If you are interested, come along to a session. Come to listen, or bring your instrument with you. There’s no fee, but a voluntary £2 contribution towards gear, rent, and insurance, helps to keep the group afloat.

Contact Keith for info, and visit our Facebook page for more.