Lowly Man

In the summer of 2020, Keith began a remote musical collaboration with Andy Bell, an old friend from Darwen, in Lancashire. They shared a common interest in guitar, psychedelic and post-punk music, and had led separate bands at high school.

Lowly Man: Andy and Keith

When Keith started recording again in 2020, Andy, a long time singer-songwriter, sent him a short instrumental guitar piece based on one of his old compositions. Keith, who’s always been as much a producer as a musician, worked it into a short multitracked instrumental. They were so pleased with the result, they agreed to do more together.

That autumn, they started on a collection of songs with an alternative/psychedelic rock vibe. It turned out that Andy’s tunesmithery and Keith’s electrickery were complimentary. They completed the Lowly Man EP in February 2021.

Lowly Man EP

Spurred on by positive responses from friends, the duo continued writing. This time, Andy developed a lyrical theme based around personality types, and Keith introduced some experimentation. They quickly completed the Alpha Dogs EP by April.

After a couple of months off, dealing with real life, work continued on new songs in the summer. The new material added elements of electronic music, blues, and even a ballad.

The debut album was released on CD in September 2021.

The Lowy Man album

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