The Lowly Man Album

Andy and I are pleased to announce the release of our debut album, called simply, Lowly Man. We have really enjoyed making it, and we have appreciated all the comments we have received over the last year.

Lowly Man album general release cover
The Lowly Man album, available on Bandcamp from October

We are very proud of our efforts, and feel that it stands up well as an original album spanning Alternative/Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, and Electronica. Hopefully, we have managed to bridge the gap between catchy tunes, solid songwriting, and a little sonic experimentation.

Most of the 11 songs on the album were recorded over a 6 month period, previously appearing on our 2 EPs, Lowly Man EP and Alpha Dogs EP. Three more songs were recorded sporadically over the summer, and the mastering was done in August.

The Lowly Man album, 2021
The Lowly Man CD, a private release in Sept 2021

In September, 48 limited handmade CDs, with a different cover and an 8-page lyrics booklet, were given to friends who supported us through the process. The album was released on Bandcamp in October, and on streaming services in December.

Buy the album at Bandcamp (name your price)

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